We are a group of dedicated volunteers who are driven by the mission to save cats.  We believe that shelter cat deaths can be reduced or eliminated in North Carolina through hard work, creativity, and perseverance.  Change comes when citizens expect better of each other and when they insist the laws and services available in the state is focused on improving the lives of animals in the state. 


We are a group that believe that each citizen of North Carolina has a role to play in reducing shelter deaths.  You can help the stray cat in your neighborhood find his way home, you can make sure the feral cat behind the grocery store is fixed, fed, and vaccinated, you can volunteer your time with rescue groups or at the local shelter, you can donate locally, you can drive pets to partner rescues, you can keep your pets indoors to avoid lost pets ending up at the shelter, you can talk a family member into spaying/neutering a pet. 


We are a group that intends to break the cycle.  Year after year, North Carolina is ranked as the 3rd worst state in shelter pet deaths.  In 2018, that was 47,000 cats and 23,000 dogs.  Enough is enough.


Save Precious Lives.

We incorporated and received 501c3 non-profit designation in November 2019.


Carolina Cat Rescue works in collaboration with several rescues, vets, and shelters to reduce the cat overpopulation in North Carolina.  We work with rural shelters who have little rescue help. 


Carolina Cat Rescue's Mission


Carolina Cat Rescue focuses on assisting rural shelters through short-term fostering and transporting cats/kittens to New England for adoption.  


Many of the animals we take in need serious and costly medical care. All cats receive age specific vaccinations, parasite treatment, and preventative treatments in accordance with accepted veterinary practice.  All animals are micro-chipped and either spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Our Statistics

Year - 2019        

# of Intakes - 21    

# of Cats Transported  -13   

 Total Cats Saved - 21